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Interactive video instalation using "virtual-reality" glasses and salt.



"Dissonance, alienation and the examination of time and realities. We are living with and using technologies in anticipation of their speedy ob- solescence. We interact with them while conscious that in the moment of their usage they already carry within them their own redundancy and replaceability. They are there, but not for long - they are already dissolving, not there anymore."


Patrik Thomas (representative RANDOM COLLECTIVE)

In colaboration with students from the ADBK in Munich, we have created an open laboratory with the goal to research possible applications for virtual glasses to create awareness about envi- ronment and space. With a theoretical preproduction in the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, we were invited to the Roundabout LX space in Lisbon, where we created a first set of practical experiments which we used to see how a public would interact with these glasses. In several stages, the audience could experience a dissonant shift between mixed realities. 

Here the PDF with all the details of the project ABOUT | REALITY:

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