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    I  A M   G O N N A   F R E E Z E    M Y   E G G S 

I AM GONNA DONATE MY EGGS is a research project research project, still in progress, on the fertility industry and the new the new business of egg donation.

Oocyte retrieval requires a surgical operation carried out in assisted reproduction clinics. This is what led me to to start an in-depth research in this field.

Answering the question: Why would someone decide to donate their eggs? I interviewed women who had undergone these treatments and even had children thanks to anonymous donors. The various arguments were compiled into a list of paraphrases that became the protagonists of this work.

Such statements, extremely simplified, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes crudely real, are not intended to be judgements for or against such practices, but are simply presented as facts from which one can draw one's own conclusions.

The format of this work varies according to the exhibition space. He took part in the exhibition Tacker at GALERIE DER KÜNSTLER*INNEN (Munich) in June of the same year, as part of an Installation that included canvases, video projection and sculpture.
Also, a month later, the same concept was presented in short film format at the Theatiner Filmtheater cinema in Munich.

Fotodocumentation: Luis Penn

Special thanks to: Sara Chaparro & Raúl Artiles

Ancla 1

Ultrasound of an empty uterus

Ultrasound of my empty uterus


In the centre of the installation, 1400 hen eggs were displayed. This Eggs were Type 2. (the hens are kept in closed houses throughout their life, with no possibility of access to the outside).
Visitors to the exhibition were invited to take them away.

The leftover eggs were donated to two soup kitchens in Munich after the exhibition.

I am gonna donate my Eggs,

I am gonna freeze my Eggs


Short film

Ancla 2
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