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Video Installation. 

ZIMMER FREI Art project in Hotel Mariandl,

Goethestraße 51, 80336 München

Through PVC curtains, pink light inside of a room, an untidy bed pointed by a lightning tripod in between two chairs. Video projection of the cervix (inside the vagina) up the bed headrest and two more of them in two tablets placed in a desktop. A plastic speculum and its drawing in the wall.

The installation took place in Room 13 during 15.11 -21.11, it was also part of the "Lange Nacht der Museen", where all the galleries, museums and other institutions open their doors during that night.


Photos: Sara Chaparro

IMG_6471 copia.jpg
espejo recortado.jpg
secre retoc2.jpg
secre retoc.jpg
dibujo recortada.jpg
IMG_7899 copia.jpg
espejo retocada .jpg
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