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Performance with the artist Domino Pyttel.
Tattoo performance in which one artist tattooed the word shame to the other on the leg. Tired of the absurd competition between women, we decided to work together and talk about the tendency of our gender to the shaming issue.


Gallery FOE, Munich, Germany

Oberföhringerstr. 156,

81925 Munich, Germany


Video documentation: Felix Rodewaldt, Sebastian Quast, Ambra

*The following images are screenshots from the original video.

Bithchfight 01.jpg
Bithchfight 02.jpg
Bithchfight 03.jpg
Bithchfight 04.jpg
Bithchfight 05.jpg
Bithchfight 06.jpg
Bithchfight 07.jpg
Bithchfight 10.jpg
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