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> H O W   L O N G   W I L L   T H I S   L A S T ?

During the first Lockdown in Munich, in May 2020, several Institutions and such as the Galerie der Kunstler, BBK München and Oberbayern e.V. in cooperation with DG Kunstraum and PLATFORM Munich, developed the inciative #beapart. This project invited local artists to exhibit their proposals in different cultural spaces.


Café Kosmos was one of them and there is where the 3 days performance:

How long will this last? took place.

Munich, 2020

Video und photo documentation: Sara Chaparro.

Café Kosmos / day 1

Live-streamed lesson on how to cook caviar spheres out of menstrual blood.

Café Kosmos / day 2

Live-streamed viewing of the pieces made the day before through the microscope.

Café Kosmos / day 3

Live-streamed tattoo session using blood as ink.

How long will this last? - Healing Process 

Stopmotion video.

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