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> F E M A L E   M A S T U R B A T O R I U M

Interactive Installation.

A room converted into a feminine masturbatory, soundproofed and equipped so that women who wished could enter and donate their vaginal fluid.

Proposal for the Perspekectiven 2019 Award in the Platform München Gallery  and winner of the Public Award.

Female masturbatorium

The female masturbatorium is a mobile laboratory where women can donate their vaginal fluid through sexual masturbation. The collected material will be used for a future artistic project. Each sample will be preserved until the realization of the project and will be destroyed after its completion. The donation of the vaginal fluid should be an altruistic, anonymous and voluntary act. In the facility, the visitor can choose to donate her fluid or simply enjoy the experience in the female masturbatorium.

The "Female Masturbatorium" installation, set up as a donor room, is equipped with a selection of pornographic films available to the visitor upon request. Concerning the film selection, we asked a number of women - the focus was on which erotic films are perceived by women as sexually stimulating.
The Female Mastorbatorium guarantees absolute privacy: the room is completely soundproof and no video or audio recordings are made.
The female masturbatory invites all women who wish to participate. The vaginal fluid donation is in any case voluntary.
Before entering the facility, a donation kit with a spatula, a small plastic container, a disinfecting tissue and a paper handkerchief is handed out.
If you are interested in participating in the project, please contact us for an appointment in the mastorbatorium.

Kistlerhofstraße 70 ,Haus 60
81379 München

Munich, Germany


Photos: Felix Rodewaldt

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