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>  C O N Q U E R   T H E   M O O N

Live ultrasound.

Alongside the work "I am gonna donate my Eggs, I am gonna freeze my Eggs" follows this other independent performative proposal that deals with the same theme:  the invasion of the female body. Conquer the Moon aims to reflect on human intervention for reproductive purposes and is conceived and produced within the framework of the exhibition "My body is Mine", curated by Helena Held that took place in the PLATFORM München in March 2022.

The procedures necessary for egg donation and freezing require a physical invasion of the body of an individual with XX chromosomes. The performance reflects on the mania of human beings to believe they have the duty and right to conquer, control or take care of something that, by itself, knows how to take care of itself.

From my work I want to raise questions such as: What precedes the need to undergo fertilisation treatment, freezing, egg donation? What even precedes the desire for motherhood? Is it possible that human intervention begins already on a psychological, educational, cultural level?


Fotos: Manuel Nieberle

 & Marco Triolo

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